New features for October. 2023:

Welcome to your new What's New:

A brand-new user experience to keep you informed of Rainbow news and updates. Now all your content is personalised to match your user profile. If you'd like to find out more and have access to more informations about what's new, you'll be easily directed to our help center via What's New! And that's not all. You can now find your What's New section on your Rainbow application on Android and IOS.

At Rainbow, we are committed to constantly improving the digital accessibility of our platform to meet the needs and uses of all users and to make the collaboration experience accessible to all. In this update, we are proud to have achieved full accessibility for telephony users! Many other improvements have been done, such as the new presence and call history icons that further boosts Rainbow's accessibility. More to come in the next versions!

Tabs get a makeover:

Now, the tabs: Channels, Bubbles, Contacts and Event in your IOS application have been simplified to focus on the essentials, resulting in a better readability.

Do away with background noise:

Voice isolation detects surrounding noise and reduces it, so that your conversations with other people are as pleasant and clear as possible. No need to go into your IOS settings! You can now activate the voice isolation feature directly in Rainbow for greater flexibility. Moreover, you don't need to activate it systematically - the mode remains active until you decide to change it. (Available for iPhone XR, iPhone XS models, and later models) 

Anticipate the renewal of your authentication:

Don't miss any calls, make sure you're connected 100% of the time and don't let the authentication renewal surprise you. You are now warned 20 days before authentication expires with recurring reminders. And if you don't quite understand the whole authentication thing, we've got a catch-up session for you right here! 👋

Everything is checked and our mobile apps are fully ready for the new iOS 17 and Android 14 versions.

Forward calls when you’re busy in Rainbow:

When a user is busy in a pbx call with an external caller or a colleague, the Pbx can be configured to redirect new calls to a preprogrammed destination. Up to now if the user was busy in a Rainbow conversation or in a Rainbow conference, an incoming call was ringing until the caller stops waiting. It’s now possible to configure also for these calls, a destination where the distant is redirected.

Add participants to an ongoing Web Conference via Phone Calls:

You can now invite up to 10 participants to join a web conference in progress. These new participants will temporarily join the discussion without becoming members of the bubble. This means you can add participants even if they don't yet have a Rainbow account or are not currently connected, using their phone number. For added convenience, you can invite participants directly from a preview of your call log, dial a number from a dial pad or perform a search by name in Rainbow directories to get the number to dial.

Add sound to the image during screen sharing:

When sharing your screen and playing a video during a Web Conference, you can now decide whether the audio of this video is shared as well. Enables every participant to watch the video together via Rainbow!

Send messages even when offline:

You can now send messages and files in your conversations even without a network. They'll be distributed automatically as soon as you're back online. You don't have to wait until you're online to send messages or documents manually.

A new look for conversations:

Conversations has been redesigned on Android for improved accessibility! This redesign contributes to a more user-friendly, efficient, and feature-rich messaging experience, incorporating enhancements in message handling, media sharing, user interface, and more!

Analyze waiting time of callers and calls duration for your group calls:

As group calls manager, go further to measure the quality of your group. You can now analyze the waiting time of callers, the calls duration and compare data from several selected groups. Use the different aggregated views (eg. per day of the week summary) and detailed views (up to 1-hour granularity) to better dimension your group.

Analyze per-member activities for your group calls:

As a group calls manager, this capability (once enabled by a Company administrator) gives you access to analytics per member: how many calls each member has answered and how long they spent on the calls.

Use ALE-300/400/500 as audio devices for Rainbow desktop applications :

A Rainbow user can connect his deskphone ALE-300/400/500 using USB to his PC/MAC and select it as the audio device for any Rainbow call or conference. Profiting of the ALE deskphone audio quality, he can use it as a conference module.  


Rainbow room: check EPOS audio/video devices:

New EPOS audio equipment is listed for Rainbow Room: • Expand 40+ (speakerphone) • Expand 80 (BT speakerphone - 2 Expansion mic can be added for larger meetings/rooms)

More statistic for collaboration and phone calls:

The Collaboration and Phone calls tabs in your admin interface now let you view statistics for 1 year! The data collected concerns only users with a paying license.

Give analytical access to members of your organization:

As a Business Partner, you can now give any member of your organization access to analytics data of your customers, even to your members without Operations or Finance role. Enable this new Analytics role in your Rainbow administrator settings so they can easily analyze how their customers are using Rainbow!

Analyse waiting time of callers and calls duration for Rainbow Hub group calls:

Go further to measure the quality of group calls. You can now analyse the waiting time of callers, the calls duration and compare data from several selected groups! Use the different aggregated views (eg. per day of the week summary) and detailed views (up to 1-hour granularity) to better dimension your group.

Analyze per-agents activities for Rainbow Hub group calls:

Once you've activated this function on a group calls, you (and the group's managers) can access analyses by member: the number of calls each member has answered and the time spent on these calls.

Custom license end dates and notification:

To make it easier to manage Custom licenses, we now display Custom license end dates and also add them to the e-mail notification highlighting all prepaid subscriptions renewing or ending in the current or following month.

New options for automatic renewal of prepaid licenses:

We are expanding the renewal capacity of prepaid subscriptions with a unique renewal option. The auto-renewal selector will automatically be removed after renewal date and can be reset if necessary. And we allow you to define the volume of licenses at renewal. The volume chosen must be greater than the volume of licenses allocated.

Automatically notify your customers when a custom or prepaid license expires:

You can now choose to automatically notify your customers when their custom or prepaid licenses expire. The notification will be identical to that already sent to partners with the Finance role. An email will be sent on the 20th of each month, listing the licenses expiring the following month. Exceptionally, for the first month (October 2023) the notification will be sent on the 25th. You can disable this option for a given customer from your administration interface.

New ergonomics for organization administrator accounts:

Rainbow users with an organizational structure with multiple administrator accounts will be able to navigate in a simpler and more stable way between different environments. All you have to do is choose the company linked to your environment to navigate and work in this context.