New features for January. 2024:

Rainbow is introducing a new type of group of supervision: the mutual aid supervision group:

The mutual aid supervision group enables to help each other take calls that colleagues can't answer. As a supervisor, you will be notified of telephone calls to supervised users, and will be able to answer them! You can supervise two types of group: - Standard groups, whose user list is permanently fixed. - Mutual aid supervision group, which add the possibility for members to join or leave the group as needed. You can also exit or re-enter a supervisee when using the Rainbow Attendant version and given access to the feature. The mutual aid supervision group gives you more flexibility for the management of your calls!

Configure your personal Routine:

Configure and activate your personal routine directly via the new dedicated icon. The personal routine lets you program notifications and call forwarding for different statuses: at work, do not disturb, on break, out of the office or any other situation thanks custom routines. So, you don't have to change each setting one by one, and you pre-programmed them for each status. Use Personal Routine to save time and maximise your productivity!

A quicker access to your forward settings:

The forward icon gives you a quicker access to your forward settings. With just 2 clicks, you can determine whether you want to forward calls to voicemail, one of you prrofile numbers, or other destination. You can now set a destination from a search by name or from a speed dials key

New organisation for your icons:

We've reorganised and highlighted certain icons to make them easier to use. On the left you'll have easy access to your audio and microphone settings, and on the right, you'll be able to configure your call handling settings.

An optimized user experience on ios:

Rainbow continues to optimise your user experience! With the redesign of the top bar, navigation is more fluid and instinctive. We've also made some improvements to Rainbow's chat. You can now find your messages more easily by date, and your emojis are even more prominently displayed!

A better user experience for your audio messages on iOS:

The user experience of audio messages on IOS has been improved! Starting your voice message is now more accessible, you can also see the audio spectrum during and after recording, allowing you to see if the audio stream is being recorded properly!

A clearer, smoother user experience on Android:

Your user experience on Android in offline mode has been improved. We've standardized the user interface to make all actions accessible even without an Internet connection, so you no longer have buttons that are not visible or disabled. From now on, when certain actions are not possible due to the absence of a connection, we clearly inform the user that the operation is not possible. We have also improved the fluidity of the application by reducing the user's perception of latency. To achieve this, we ensure that every user interaction is accompanied by a visual response. For example, when displaying lists, we introduce visual effects to mask any latency before displaying the content.

Shift your conversation between your desktop and your android:

No more need to interrupt your call for commuting! You can now seamlessly switch an ongoing peer-to-peer Rainbow call between you Desktop and your Android application, and vice versa. Coming soon on iOS and for further call scenarios, stay tuned. Available for Premium users.

Personalise your mobile ringtone :

In order to easily differentiate your Rainbow calls from your private calls, you can now modify the ringtone of your Rainbow calls from the dedicated settings!

Switch from a Rainbow call to a phone call:

Rainbow gives you even more flexibility for managing two calls. You can now be in a Rainbow call and answer, hold or retrieve a phone call

Add a participant using a call number to your Rainbow conversation:

While being in a Rainbow peer-to-peer conversation, you can now easily add another participant by calling her by phone number

Change the avatar of a call group bubble:

Initially, the bubble avatar associated with a call group was generated automatically. Now you can go further in customising your Rainbow interface and choose the avatar of your choice!

Deskphone in non-Ringing state :

If you have a compatible ALE office deskphone and you're on a business trip or teleworking for example, you can now disable the phone ringer so that it doesn't ring while you're away from the office.

An optimized hunting group with call-queue functionality:

When a caller tries to call your hunting group, but all lines are busy, they now have access to a waiting message that automatically places them in a call-queue. Your hunting group is thus optimized, allowing all callers to be taken care of without having to call back.

Manuel refresh of OXE user list:

You can now manually reload the list of new numbers/OXE user in real time in your Rainbow administrator settings!

Authorize anonymous external calls to your OXE systems:

As an administrator, you can now allow users connected to an OmniPCX Enterprise PBX to make external calls anonymously. By enabling it in your configurations, they will be able to make calls while hiding their identity (their number).

Do you have a lot of tasks to manage, or need to store them in history for a while? Rainbow now makes it possible. You can now add and store up to 200 items in your Task manager, with our Enterprise subscription!

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Analyse your telephony inflow with new analytics:

You can now analyse the use of your welcome and automated attendant services! For Automated Attendants, you can see how many times the various destination choices have been selected and how much time the callers spend to make these choices. This way you can determine which destination options are the most or least relevant to put first or last so that the caller has the best possible experience. For Welcome services, you can analyze how the traffic is distributed over the time, for example check on which day of the week you have usually the most incoming calls.

Schedule your webinar sessions more easily:

Scheduling your Webinar sessions just got easier with the interactive calendar! It gives you a clear overview of the slots already booked within your company, and makes it easier to select the timing that will maximize your audience! In addition, when you select your slot in the calendar, the start time and duration are automatically synchronized in the settings!

Rainbow Webinar now available on iOS for participants:

Rainbow Webinar gives you even more flexibility! You can now join a Rainbow Webinar wherever you are using your iOS device, making Rainbow accessible now from both iOS and Android smartphones!