New features for April. 2024:

Discover call delegation from the Manager to his assistant on Rainbow:

Easily delegate your calls to your assistant or secretary with Rainbow. By delegating your calls, you can save time on urgent tasks and never miss an important call! Simplify organisation within your company. Available on mobile, you can easily manage your delegation wherever you are. Take a look at the video to see just how easy it is to manage!

A clearer display and management of your Personal Routines:

For easier and more intuitive management of your Personal Routines, the display of your Routines is now separated into two distinct groups: "Actions in this routine" and "Inactive actions". An action can be moved from one group to the other to activate/deactivate it.

Polls: Boost Your Participation, Speed Up Your Decisions:

We're delighted to introduce a brand-new feature that will optimize the way you collaborate: Instant Polls in Rainbow! From now on, every member can express themselves quickly and easily, stimulating active and rewarding participation within our team. This feature offers significant advantages for your day-to-day work. Allowing every member to share their ideas and opinions in the blink of an eye, it encourages more dynamic collaboration. You can get instant feedback for prompt and effective decisions, speeding up our team decision-making processes. No need for lengthy online debates. Quickly condense opinions to build rapid team consensus. Track survey results in real time for full visibility of trends and preferences, reinforcing transparency within your team.

Organize your rainbow meeting with the "raise your hand" feature:

Facilitate communication during online meetings. No need to interrupt others to take the floor. Organize your discussions in an orderly fashion, encourage inclusion by giving everyone a chance to speak, manage speaking time efficiently and eliminate misunderstandings. Try this feature now for smoother, more productive meetings!

Promote easily all your bubble members to organizers:

You can promote or demote all members of a Rainbow bubble with a single click, either as an organizer when creating your bubble, or directly in your bubble's participants tab. A very practical feature if you want to allow everyone to start the conference call in case you're absent or delayed.

New layout for softphone users:

Discover the new layout for softphone users. Manage your calls easily and instinctively thanks to this interface designed specifically for softphone use. To do this, select the Softphone mode layout in your settings.

Supervise your colleagues calls from your mobile:

We're proud to announce: the mobile supervised call feature, an industry first! But what exactly does this innovation mean? Imagine this: your colleague is absent or too busy to take his calls. Thanks to this feature, if your are his supervisor, all his calls will be notified to your mobile. You'll be able to answer these calls for him, ensuring uninterrupted service continuity. This ability to receive other people's calls on your mobile represents an unprecedented technological advance, further enhancing Rainbow's flexibility and efficiency. Never miss an important call again, and offer your colleagues a practical solution for managing their communications, even when they're away. Discover this innovation today, and boost your business flexibility with Rainbow!

Shift your conversation between your desktop and your IOS:

No more need to interrupt your call for commuting! , you can now seamlessly switch an ongoing peer-to-peer Rainbow call between you Desktop and your IOS application to, and vice versa. Available for Premium users.

Personalise your mobile ringtone now available on IOS:

In order to easily differentiate your Rainbow calls from your private calls, you can now modify the ringtone of your Rainbow calls from the dedicated IOS settings! Already available on Android.

Manage the ringing status of Rainbow user’s deskphone:

For more comfort and productivity at the office, a Rainbow Attendant can now change the ringing status of a Rainbow user equiped with an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise NOE deskphone. For example, if this user is working remotely, the attendant can silent the deskphone on his behalf, to avoid disturbing his colleagues at the office.

Auto-answer your call:

It's now possible to pick up a call without any action on your part! Rainbow does it for you. All you have to do is activate "Enable auto-answer" in the Rainbow notification settings!

Don't be interrupted by your computer's standby mode:

When you're communicating with Rainbow, you're no longer interrupted by your computer's automatic standby function. So you can keep up with your meetings, comfortably and uninterrupted!

No more incoming call popup for calls in office mode:

When Rainbow is connected to your deskphone and you are in office mode. For your comfort, you won't receive any more popup calls on your computer, the Rainbow call will only ring on your deskphone.

Personalise more precisely what your users can access from Rainbow:

As administrator, you can now further customise the application menus to restrict access to certain services for your users, such as "Rainbow store", "Help Center" or "FAQ". In this way, you can apply the support procedures of your choice.

New synthetic and intuitive view of your options and settings of a conversation:

Discover the new conversation menu (individual or bubbles) on IOS. Accessible and easier to read, this new view shows you clearly the different options available to you. Rainbow continues to boost your user experience with synthetic and intuitive options.

Ease the full-screen mode in landscape mode when a content is shared:

When content is shared during a conference and you're using your mobile device in landscape mode, you can now switch to full-screen mode quickly thanks to your new icon. Entering and exiting full-screen landscape mode on mobile is now easier, offering you added comfort.

More precise telephone traffic analysis:

Now you can go a step further in analyzing your organization's phone traffic. Take advantage of a global view of telephone activity and filter it in different ways, such as selecting all inbound calls. And then access the details of any call to access to the list of call parties it went through.

Better call context before picking up the phone:

When you receive a call on your deskphone, you now know whether it's intended for you personally or for a group to which you belong. Be in the best possible condition to pick up the phone, knowing in advance the context of the incoming call.


Deactivate outbound prefixes and bring comfort to your users:

You can now activate or deactivate the outbound prefixe for public calls done by your users with their deskphone. Until now, they had to systematically add a 0 to call outside and now our deskphone can differentiate dialled numbers automatically. Bring your users comfort and boost their productivity.

Organize your analytics according to your favorite sections and analyze audio quality with greater precision:

The user experience has been improved for the Global Dashboard by allowing you to reorder the sections as you prefer. Put your favorite sections at the top of the page. Also, the filters have been improved in the Audio Quality dashboard allowing you to filter per time slot to better analyze your audio quality.

Manage User's language and country in Web admin:

Even more management possibilities with Rainbow! You can now modify the language and country of your organization's users in your Web admin functions!

Simplifying the settings of your users:

Simplify your users configuration and don't propose choices they don't need. For each user, you can choose whether Other Phone and/or Computer mode is available for receiving phone calls!

Discover an enhanced user experience for creating your live webinars:

Thanks to our new user-friendly interface, you'll be guided step-by-step through every stage of your webinar creation. This new user experience offers a simplified and intuitive approach, allowing you to create webinars in no time. Don't let technical complexity hold you back. With our updated platform, creating live webinars has never been easier or more rewarding.


Better control of phone calls made from bubbles:

Administrators can now configure per user which type of numbers can be called (Internal, national or all), for reinforced control of authorized destinations.

Control users' "call a phone number" function:

Call participant from a bubble can allow your users to add a participant by dialing a phone number. As an administrator you can open this service user per user and decide which type of phone number he is allowed to call. This avoid you to open this service globally for all users and better control your company expenses and security.

Enhanced Rainbow Room experience in shared or open meeting places:

No more disturbances if a colleague has forgotten to remove a Bubble from a Rainbow Room located in a meeting place that you are now using. In case the bubble call starts, the Rainbow Room is no longer ringing automatically, and needs to be joined explicitly if this is relevant for the people sitting there. You can also manually remove the bubble from the Room directly from the remote control, if you deem it shall not be visible for people visiting the shared meeting place. As reminder, it is very easy to simply call a Room from a bubble if you need to use it only for the duration of a meeting. Just use the “call participant” feature in this case !