New features for February. 2024:

Headset control keys now supported in bubble calls:

If you were already using your audio device control keys to manage taking a Rainbow call, muting/numuting, and terminating the call, you can now enjoy the same capabilities for your bubble conference calls on your deskop! Refer to our Rainbow feature list for compatible devices

Optimize Your Directory: Customizing Contacts for Enhanced Efficiency:

To quickly identify your contacts on deskphone, you can now rename the call key of a user or group within your organization. So, for reasons of confidentiality and/or to make your directory management more efficient, you can change the name and personalize it with their professional role or their relationship with you. To do this, go to your settings: management of programmable keys. Available on all Myriad and Halo desktop phones

Quick transfer mode management:

To optimize your users efficiency, you now have various transfer options for the ALE Deskphone, so you can easily switch between one-touch blind transfer and two-touch attended transfer modes. With these shortcuts, your users will manage quicker their transfers!

More settings for user pop-ups:

It is now possible to customize the duration of instant message pop-ups, enabling users to control how long these notifications appear on their screen. Your selection will apply to all users who haven't manually modified their settings themselves.

More flexible management of your pop-ups:

You can now adjust the duration of your instant messaging pop-up notifications from 3, 10 to 20 seconds, depending on your needs. To make these adjustments, please go to Notification settings. Also, for greater flexibility, close pop-up windows manually, without waiting for them to close automatically.