New features for July. 2024:

Easy answer and drop-call with hotkey evolution:

The hotkey is evolving! Until now, you could already use it as a shortcut to make a call or search . Now, in addition to this, the shortcut key lets you answer and hang up. An evolution that makes managing your calls simpler, smoother and faster.

New icons: always have your active call settings in view:

Enjoy serenity and greater comfort by always being able to see how your calls are configured, thanks to the new Call Secret and Auto-answer icons. Call Secret is a setting that lets you make calls anonymously, while Auto-answer lets you automatically take calls on incoming calls without a key press. So that you're always aware of the context in which you're making or receiving your calls, when they're active these icons appear in your status bar.

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Simplier the organisation of your telephony and softphone widgets:

For a simplified user interface and experience, we've grouped your telephony and softphone widgets under the telephony icon: Speed dials, Group calls and Supervision. This makes it easier to organise and manage your calls!

Hide your voicemail password:

Discover enhanced confidentiality! Now, when you access your voicemail with your password, you can enter it securely without worrying about it being visible. Your password is automatically displayed at **** for maximum protection. What's more, a quick preview is available with a simple click on the eye icon, offering total control over the confidentiality of your information.

Personalise your reception service:

Create voice messages for exceptional cases in your Welcome service and define time slots. More flexibility in your organisation by personalising your Welcome service!

Enhanced search capabilities in bubbles:

Quickly find conversations with specific participants or sort bubbles by last activity for efficient communication management.

Focus on the essentials: make the main speaker full screen:

To optimize your user experience on Android, you can now make the main speaker full screen. This enhancement allows you to better follow the conference and focus on the content presented by the main speaker. By adapting the conference experience for mobile use, this feature ensures you can concentrate on the essentials for a better understanding and a smoother flow of conference content.

Discreet sound alerts for raised hands:

Now, speakers can effortlessly stay in tune with participant engagement. With a subtle notification “toc toc toc” whenever someone raises their hand, our tool fosters seamless communication, enhancing engagement in your conferences.

Optimising the recording and listening of voicemail:

With our hold-to-record feature, expressing your thoughts with clarity and precision has never been easier. But wait, there's more! With cutting-edge proximity and device connection enhancements, seamlessly switch between private earpiece listening and hands-free speaker mode. Experience automatic earpiece activation for private listening and smooth transitions to speaker mode when needed. Plus, audio prioritizes connected earphones for an optimal experience, regardless of your phone's position.

Take a second call while in bubble:

We've improved the way you manage calls in bubbles, especially when you're already engaged in a conference. Receive notifications of incoming calls directly in your conference, enabling you to make real-time call management decisions. Imagine you're in a conference and receive an important call. Thanks to our new feature, you'll be alerted and given the opportunity to respond. Once the call is over, you're just one click away from joining the conference.

Files clean UX improvements:

We've redesigned file management in Rainbow, focusing on clarity and ease of use. You'll be able to quickly see your storage status, easily identify whether files are yours or shared, and understand how each file affects your storage space. We're introducing clear indicators for shared files that don't consume your space, centralizing file deletion to enhance security and management, and providing a detailed view of the space you'll free up. This overhaul is all about giving you back control of your storage, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive interaction with your files.

Handouts: Simplifying Document Sharing During Webinars:

We're enhancing the way documents are shared during webinars. We're introducing a dedicated tab for webinar handouts. This will be a centralized place where participants can easily access and download them at any point during the webinar. By ensuring these resources are readily available and easy to find, we're making webinars more interactive and resourceful.

Start Rehearsal Button: Clarity and Confidence for Webinar Hosts:

To enhance the webinar preparation experience, we're introducing a clearer, more intuitive labeling system for the 'Start' button. This change aims to eliminate any confusion for hosts and speakers about what action they're initiating. • More than 15 minutes before the webinar, the button will read 'Start Rehearsal,' allowing hosts and speakers to enter the rehearsal environment without fear of accidentally launching the live webinar. • Within 15 minutes of the start time, the button transitions to 'Start,' still leading to the rehearsal space, ensuring hosts can make last-minute preparations confidently. This update provides peace of mind, allowing hosts to focus on delivering a great webinar without worrying about operational details.

Backstage Blower Mode Reminder for Speakers and Hosts:

To enhance communication clarity for webinar speakers and hosts, we're introducing a reminder feature for those moments spent in the backstage. This reminder will make it clear that, while in the backstage, only fellow speakers and hosts can hear you, not the participants. Aimed at preventing any confusion, this message appears when you’re not muted, ensuring you're always aware of who your audience is at any given moment.

Direct Access to Survey Results in Reports:

We're simplifying the way you access survey results from your webinars. We're moving these results directly to the 'Reports' section post-webinar. This change means that once your webinar concludes, you'll find all the survey data you need in one convenient location, alongside other crucial webinar metrics. Your survey results will be immediately accessible, allowing for faster, more efficient analysis and follow-up.


Introducing Hand-Raise Tracking: Streamlining Participation in Meetings:

As an organizer, you can easily visualize the order of participants who have raised their hands, enabling smooth management of interventions. No need to juggle interruptions, just give the floor in order of participation for a fairer, more efficient meeting experience. Simplify communication and promote inclusion with our advanced discussion management tool.

Clean-Up old Rainbow content for a Company:

Now, administrators can schedule automatic deletion over a period of time that they define. For example, every 6 months or every year, offering an environmentally-friendly solution by limiting unnecessary data backup. Enjoy smarter data management while reducing your environmental footprint.